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Bernajean’s DigiTales book outlines the role, “inner mojo” along with detailed steps for storytelling in our families, communities and culture, including the hardware and software tools, the storymaking processes, technical tips and resources for creating your own digital tales from start to finish. Whatever you know or don't know about technology or storytelling, this is the book for you! If you thought slide shows or scrapbooking was fun, the personal magic you make using digital media creates the ultimate dynamic, multi-sensory memories ready-to-share with everyone.

DigiTales - The Art of Telling Digital Stories [Paper Bound BOOK]

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$34.95 Regular Price
$24.95Sale Price
  • NEW! Long, long ago and still today . . . storytelling has the influence power to capture imaginations; influence decisions; activate the whole brain; create memory structures; drive decisions; connect us with humanity; along with making ideas, concepts and visions real in a way that cold, hard facts only can't. Digital storytelling takes the art of oral storytelling and engages a palette of technical tools to weave personal tales using images, graphics, video, music and sounds mixed together in an author's own story voice. Digital storytelling is so much more than making multimedia products IF you know the secrets. Bernajean's book will reveal those secrets chapter by chapter! 

  • Books are shipped USPS Flat rate PRIORITY with expected delivery of 1-3 business days for US addresses. [$8.00 per book] Send special request for international shipping pricing or consider DigiTales ebook version.

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