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It's about the HEADWARE

not the Hardware

While there are many many more tools - this resource shares Bernajean's BEST-of-BEST as well as suggesting a consumer framework for thinking about ALL tools serving functions rather than dashing for the "lastest - greatest" appearing in the market. Thus these recommended tools are organized into FUNCTIONS with some tools serving more than one function.
As someone who led Colorado's state-wide software evaluation teams for years to curate the best-of-the-best for educators to consider. Every tool has a learning curve with benefits and limitations. Strive to select tools that gives the highest Return-on-Learning [R.O.L.] for the time and time invested.
R.O.L. Consumer Points
A Menu of Tools to consider were evaluated for FUNCTION and curated using R.O.L. Points.
• maximum flexibility for multiple devices
• streamlined, doable learning curves
• easy log-ins or better no log-ins
• in/out portability of files
• wide range of grade levels
• wide range of curriculum areas
• wide range of multiple intelligences
• pricing value meets high use - low cost
• long term durability of product to serve      
  over time
Group Processes - Collaboration
Research and Project Tools
Meaning-Making Tools
Creating, Finding and Editing Images
Creating, Finding and Editing Audio
Media-Making Production Tools
Public Publishing
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Inspiring Digital Tools for Thinking, Learning, and Communicating

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R.O.L. Considerations

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